Medical Terminology

Language of health and medicine, to include word construction, pronunciation, spelling, definition & use of terms related to all areas of medical science, hospital service & health related professions: leads to basic knowledge of abbreviations & terminology pertinent to anatomy, pathology, surgical procedures, diagnostic procedures & symptomatology

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Building a Medical Terminology Foundation
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Building a Medical Terminology Foundation is an OER that focuses on breaking down medical terms into their word parts, pronouncing medical terms, and learning the meaning of medical terms within the context of introductory anatomy and physiology. This resource is targeted for health office administration and health services students in the first year of their college programs.

I. Main Body
1. Identifying Word Parts in Medical Terms
2. Medical Language Rules
3. Prefix
4. Suffix
5. Medical Language Within the Context of Anatomy and Physiology
6. Integumentary System
7. Respiratory System
8. Urinary System
9. Male Reproductive System
10. Female Reproductive System
11. Obstetrics
12. Cardiovascular System - Heart
13. Cardiovascular System - Blood Vessels and Blood
14. Lymphatic and Immune Systems
15. Digestive System
16. Skeletal System
17. Muscular System
18. Sensory Systems
19. Nervous System
20. Endocrine System

Health, Medicine and Nursing
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