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State and Local Government

Principles, organization, and administration of state and local government, including the politics of Louisiana.

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State and Local Government and Politics: Prospects for Sustainability
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Our book represents a unique opportunity for three generations of scholars to reflect upon and collectively consider their decades’ long research, and the meaning of that research to both the broader society and to students of contemporary politics. Nicholas Lovrich served as a graduate school mentor to Brent Steel, and Brent in turn mentored Christopher A. Simon as an undergraduate and guided him to study with Lovrich. Steel and Lovrich have collaborated on research for over 30 years, while Simon has frequently collaborated with Steel and Lovrich for nearly 20 years.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction and Themes
Chapter 2: Federalism
Chapter 3: The New Margins: Sustainability
Chapter 4: Key Actors and the Policy Process in State and Local Governments
Chapter 5: State Constitutions
Chapter 6: Legislatures
Chapter 7: Executives
Chapter 8: Courts
Chapter 9: State and Local Bureaucracy and Administration
Chapter 10: Budgeting and Sustainability
Chapter 11: Entitlements
Chapter 12: Traditional and Visible Services: Criminal Justice, Education, Transportation and Emergency Management

Political Science
Social Science
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Brent S. Steel
Christopher A. Simon
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