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Education Standards

Introduction to Business


Operation of the business firm; function of the businessperson; nature of economic system and private enterprise; orientation to collegiate business education.  

Introduction to Business Syllabus

This syllabus is for Introduction to Business.

Introduction to Business PowerPoints (Original)

All text in these slides is taken from where it is published under one or more open licenses.

All images in these slides are attributed in the notes of the slide on which they appear and licensed as indicated.


Introduction to Business PowerPoints (Professor Notes)

These PowerPoint presentations are a modified version of the original PowerPoints that was taken from where it is published under one or more open licenses. Some original content may have been removed and additional content may have been added. These can also be made available for students--I usually remove any annotations from slides that were inserted for lecture notes.


Introduction to Business Assignments

These assignments were taken from where it is published under one or more open licenses. I modified the original assignment; therefore, the document will show the original and the modified versions.

Introduction to Business SBA.GOV Assignments

I created these assignments.

Link to Lumen Learning's Introduction to Business Contents

This link will take you to Lumen Learning's Introduction to Business contents. You will see that there are many more chapters included which can be used to customize your course. I only had time to cover the first nine modules.

Introduction to Business Assessments

Quizzes: If the student purchases full access for $25, the student will have access to a quiz for each module. You have the option to assign these, but I assigned them and awarded 20 points each. Authorized faculty may edit and delete quiz questions and also add new ones using the quiz editing tool inside their Waymaker course(s). To learn more about editing the assessments in Waymaker, visit the Waymaker Faculty User Guide AFTER the course package has been imported to your learning management system (Blackboard, Canvas, etc.).

Chapter Tests: There are 17 question banks with a total of 929 multiple choice questions.

Lumen Learning provides quiz banks as QTI files, a standard format that allows you to import questions, build, and customize quizzes in most learning management systems (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.). These files cannot be opened outside of an LMS.

According to Lumen company policy, we do not provide quizzes in written (e.g. MS Word) form, in order to preserve the academic integrity of our quiz banks on behalf of everyone using our materials. We adopted this policy after observing how easy it is for quiz banks in written formats to find their way onto websites that promote academic cheating.

Using Lumen Learning’s test bank, I gave tests on the following modules:

  • Modules 1 & 9
  • Module 2
  • Modules 3 & 6
  • Modules 4 & 5
  • Module 7
  • Module 8
  • Final comprehensive exam

Attached is the link to Lumen Learning's explanation regarding question banks.