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Biofundamentals 2.0
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Our goal is to present the key observations and unifying concepts upon which modern biology is based; it is not a survey of all biology! Once understood, these foundational observations and concepts should enable you to approach any biological process, from disease to kindness, from a scientific perspective. To understand biological systems we need to consider them from two complementary perspectives; how they came to be (the historic, that is, evolutionary) and how their structures, traits, and behaviors are produced (the mechanistic, that is, the physicochemical).

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Understanding science & thinking scientifically
Chapter 2: Life's diversity and origins
Chapter 3: Evolutionary mechanisms and the diversity of life
Chapter 4: Social evolution and sexual selection
Chapter 5: Molecular interactions, thermodynamics & reaction coupling
Chapter 6: Membrane boundaries and capturing energy
Chapter 7: The molecular nature of heredity
Chapter 8: Peptide bonds, polypeptides and proteins
Chapter 9: Genomes, genes, and regulatory networks
Chapter 10: Social systems

Natural Science
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University of Colorado Boulder
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Virtual Laboratories
Melanie M. Cooper
Michael W. Klymkowski
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