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The American Yawp: A Massively Collaborative Open U.S. History Textbook
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The American Yawp is a free, online, collaboratively built American history textbook. Over 300 historians joined together to create the book they wanted for their own students—an accessible, synthetic narrative that reflects the best of recent historical scholarship and provides a jumping-off point for discussions in the U.S. history classroom and beyond.

Long before Whitman and long after, Americans have sung something collectively amid the deafening roar of their many individual voices. The Yawp highlights the dynamism and conflict inherent in the history of the United States, while also looking for the common threads that help us make sense of the past. Without losing sight of politics and power, The American Yawp incorporates transnational perspectives, integrates diverse voices, recovers narratives of resistance, and explores the complex process of cultural creation. It looks for America in crowded slave cabins, bustling markets, congested tenements, and marbled halls. It navigates between maternity wards, prisons, streets, bars, and boardrooms.

The fully peer-reviewed edition of The American Yawp will be available in two print volumes designed for the U.S. history survey.

Volume I begins with the indigenous people who called the Americas home before chronicling the collision of Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans.The American Yawptraces the development of colonial society in the context of the larger Atlantic World and investigates the origins and ruptures of slavery, the American Revolution, and the new nation's development and rebirth through the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Volume II opens in the Gilded Age, before moving through the twentieth century as the country reckoned with economic crises, world wars, and social, cultural, and political upheaval at home. Bringing the narrative up to the present,The American Yawp enables students to ask their own questions about how the past informs the problems and opportunities we confront today.

The New World
Colliding Cultures
British North America
Colonial Society
The American Revolution
A New Nation
The Early Republic
The Market Revolution
Democracy in America
Religion and Reform
The Cotton Revolution
Manifest Destiny
The Sectional Crisis
The Civil War

Capital and Labor
Conquering the West
Life in Industrial America
American Empire
The Progressive Era
World War I & Its Aftermath
The New Era
The Great Depression
World War II
The Cold War
The Affluent Society
The Sixties
The Unraveling
The Triumph of the Right
The Recent Past

American Literature
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