Concepts of Biology Modified PowerPoints

These PowerPoint presentations are modified versions of the textbook PowerPoint presentations.  They are designed to be used along with the Concepts of Biology by Rice University textbook. They are very similar to the textbook PowerPoint presentations, however, some material has been cut out, some illustrations have been added and the sequencing may be slightly different than in the textbook. 

Download: OER_Chapter_01_8rIIe7Y.pptx

Download: OER_Chapter_02_pGCfMpm.pptx

Download: OER_Chapter_03_6UCnJmv.pptx

Download: OER_Chapter_04_sfLHCc0.pptx

Download: OER_Chapter_05_TClaFyg.pptx

Download: OER_Chapter_06_KbssaQD.pptx

Download: OER_Chapter_07_lKSiUnn.pptx

Download: OER_Chapter_08_b2pmeSr.pptx

Download: OER_Chapter_09_EqgnqPa.pptx

Download: OER_Chapter_10_QwFZVgF.pptx

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