Political Science
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Unit of Study
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
Protectionism, Libertarianism, Spoils System, Entitlement, Soft Power, Medicare, Civil Service, Foreign Policymaking, Social Security, Neo-isolationism, Negotiated Rulemaking, Progressive Tax, Debt, Distributive Policy, Congressional Executive Agreement, Deficit, Merit-based Civil Service, Mandatory Spending, Whistleblower, Discretionary Spending, Privatization, Free Trade, Redistributive Policy, United Nations (UN), Congressional Budget Office, Isolationism, Foreign Policy, Civil Servants, Tax Policy, Bureaucrats, Excise Tax Keynesian Economics, Liberal Internationalism, Pay Schedule, <emphasis Effect="italics">laissez-faire</emphasis>, Supply-side Economics, Top-down Implementation, Political Patronage, Public Administration, Balance of Trade, Regulatory Policy, Treaty, Cold War, Medicaid, Public Policy, Neo-conservatism, Policy Analysts, Regressive Tax, Red Tape, Safety Net, Weberian Model, Bottom-up Implementation, Domestic Policy, Two Presidencies Thesis, Acquisitive Model, Government Corporation, Bureaucracy, Merit System, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Balance of Power, Recession, Diplomacy, Free-market Economics, Civil Service Commission, Sole Executive Agreement, Monopolistic Model, Containment, Selective Engagement, Policy Advocates, Hard Power, Budget Policy