Governors and State Legislatures

A ________ is an officeholder who represents the will of those who elected him or her and acts in constituents’ expressed interest.

  1. delegate
  2. trustee
  3. politico
  4. citizen

In a ________ legislature, members tend to have low salaries, shorter sessions, and few staff members to assist them with their legislative functions.

  1. professional
  2. citizen
  3. hybrid
  4. unicameral



A(n) ________ veto allows the governor to cross out budget lines in the legislature-approved budget, while signing the remainder of the budget into law.

  1. amendatory
  2. line-item
  3. reduction
  4. Frankenstein

Which branch would you consider to be closest to the people? Why?


The state legislature, particularly the state house, where members represent fewer people per district. Constituency service is part of the job of a state representative or senator, and house members’ need to be frequently reelected means they will have to pay attention to the electorate.