The Presidential Election Process

How did the election of 1824 change the way presidents were selected?

  1. Following this election, presidents were directly elected.
  2. Jackson’s supporters decided to create a device for challenging the Electoral College.
  3. The election convinced many that the parties must adopt the king caucus as the primary method for selecting presidents.
  4. The selection of the candidate with fewer electoral votes triggered the rise of party control over nominations.



Which of the following is an unintended consequence of the rise of the primary and caucus system?

  1. Sometimes candidates unpopular with the party leadership reach the top.
  2. Campaigns have become shorter and more expensive.
  3. The conventions have become more powerful than the voters.
  4. Often incumbent presidents will fail to be renominated by the party.

What problems exist with the Electoral College?


There are many problems with the Electoral College. First, small states are over-represented in the Electoral College. Second, the state by state set-up of the college, in the modern era, leads to states that are safe wins for one party, leaving a handful of states that get all the attention. Finally, its outcomes can differ from the outcome of actual citizen voting (also known as the national popular vote.