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  • Crisis Analysis
  • Crisis Management
  • Crisis Resolution
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    CULA 480: Crisis Management: Analysis, Evaluation, Creation

    CULA 480: Crisis Management: Analysis, Evaluation, Creation


    This material supports a special topics course on crisis management addressing operational reality the hospitality industry confronts because of the coronavirus pandemic and other crises. This course integrates risk management and crisis phase literature into the analysis of a hospitality operation to increase its chances for survival. It covers the analysis, clear communication, and focused decision making to proceed to the crisis resolution stage. 

    Open Textbook and Syllabus

    Table of Contents

    Part 1: Pre-Crisis Phase

    • Chapter 1: Psychology of a Crisis
    • Chapter 2: Risk Management
    • Chapter 3: Crisis, Chaos and Disasters
    • Chapter 4: Job Analysis
    • Chapter 5: Menu Engineering
    • Chapter 6: Supply Chain Management

    Part 2: Predromal Phase

    • Chapter 7: Crisis Leadership
    • Chapter 8: Decision-making

    Part 3: Crisis Phase

    • Chapter 9: Communication
    • Chapter 10: Government Intervention
    • Chapter 11: Management and Operations
    • Chapter 12: Marketing in a Crisis  
    • Chapter 13: Reassuring Customers
    • Chapter 14: Prepare your Business and Employees

    Part 4: Resolution

    • Chapter 15: Reopening the Restaurant
    • Chapter 16: Crises Perspectives

    The Appendix includes:

    Crisis Management Phases
    Checklist to Re-opening the Restaurant
    Information Strategy Model
    Delegation Strategy
    Situation Analysis for Problem Solving
    Digital Marketing Ideas
    Order Modes and Profitability
    Best Management Practices
    Course Assignments