Delgado Contemporary Math (OER Course Transformation)

The Contemporary Mathematics course associated with this resource was built using the Lumen OHM platform. The Canvas cartridge (in .imscc format) is attached to this resource and is available for download. The course can be reviewed using the Canvas Commons link. The Lumen OHM content within the modules of the Canvas course may not be available to viewers whose Canvas platforms do not have a global LTI key for Lumen OHM. For users who cannot access the Lumen OHM assessments and other content within the MODULES of the Canvas course, and for users who wish to view the Lumen OHM course content here, click the link below to access a guest version of the Lumen OHM course.

Delgado Contemporary Math Lumen OHM Guest Access

Download: delgado-contemporary-math-oer-sandbox-export_P9uqIB6.imscc

Download: Math_120_OER_Course_Syllabus.pdf

Canvas Commons Course Link

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