ENGL 1010: English Composition I: An Integrated Media Approach (view)

Units included with this Open Author resource:

Unit 1: Course Resources
English Composition integrated media
Unit 2: The Writing Process
Unit 3: Reading
Unit 4: Research
Unit 5: Social Change & the Arts
Unit 6: Pop Culture, News, & Marketing


ENGL 1010: English Composition I. Introduces students to the critical thinking, reading, writing, and rhetorical skills required in the college/university and beyond, including citation and documentation, writing as a process, audience awareness; and writing effective essays. The course utilizes a scaffolding approach as well as cross-curricular resources and assignments to focus the course around a central theme: Socio-Political Themes in Pop Culture. All resources are OER, including the integration of textbooks: Waymaker: Introduction to College Composition by Lumen and Media, Society, Culture, and You by Mark Poepsel. As well, assorted media sources are utilized, including video (documentaries, interviews, lectures, films), photography, and social media apps.