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Unit of Study
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
Unit of Account, Bank Capital, Liability, Payment, Standard of Deferred Payment, Time Deposit, Balance Sheet, M2 Money Supply, Diversify, Liquidity, Banking System, Money Market Funds, Smart Card, Depository Institution, Loan Market, Aggregate Demand-aggregate Supply, Transaction Costs, Securization, Store of Value, Circulation, Barter, Commodity-backed Currencies, Aggregate Demand-aggregate, Fiat Money, Payment System, Standard of Deferred, Net Worth, Unemployment, Double Coincidence of Wants, Bonds, M1 Money Supply, Money Multiplier Formula, Federal Reserve Bank, Reserves, Debit Card, Savings Deposits, Financial Intermediary, Credit Union, Money, Supply, Inflation, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), Medium of Exchange, Subprime Loan, Demand Deposit, Savings Deposit, Mismatch, Commodity Money, Credit Card, Demand Deposits, T-account, Time Deposits, Coins and Currency in Circulation, Certificate of Deposit (CD), ba, Asset, Coins and Currency in, Asset-liability Time, Economic Growth