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Culinary Arts
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Entrepreneurship, Foodservice Concept, LOUIS Course Transformation, Menu Design, Restaurant Design, louis-course-transformation
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CULA 442: Restaurant Design: Concept to Customer

CULA 442: Restaurant Design: Concept to Customer


This book moves the reader through eleven chapters, which provide a logical path from developing the concept to success operation of a new restaurant. 

Part one: evaluating the marketplace comprises chapter one through six concerning the city, who lives there, what competitive forces exist, the market segments that would enjoy a particular concept, and how one positions themselves in a marketplace.

Part 2: From Concept to Marketplace comprises chapters seven through eleven. Once the marketplace itself, potential consumers, and competitive force evaluations occur, the operation focuses on defining market segments and positioning strategy, and developing a marketing plan that speaks to customers who best fit their business model.

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Table of contents: 

Part One: Evaluating the Marketplace

  • Chapter 1: The City 1
  • Chapter 2: The Customer
  • Chapter 3: The Competition
  • Chapter 4: Segmentation in a Marketplace
  • Chapter 5: Positioning the Product – Service Mix
  • Chapter 6: The Marketing plan

Part Two: From Concept to Marketplace

  • Chapter 7: Materializing the Concept: The Facility
  • Chapter 8: Ownership and Employees
  • Chapter 9: Revenue, Costs, & Profit Analysis
  • Chapter 10: Designing the Restaurant Menu
  • Chapter 11: Pricing Decisions
  • Chapter 12: Restaurant Analysis