Concepts of Biology PowerPoints (pdf for ADA)

This module contains lecture PowerPoint slides in pdf format for chapters 11-15 and 19-21 for the Concepts of Biology book by Rice University. They have been modified for ADA compliance for use with screen readers.  These slides contain tables, illustrations and text and are suitable for use in face-to-face, hybrid and online classes. They contain extensive text and could be utilized as instructor notes as well. The Concepts of Biology book can be downloaded on the following website:

Download: ConceptsofBiology-Ch11_with_notes.pdf

Download: ConceptsofBiology-Ch12_with_notes.pdf

Download: ConceptsofBiology-Ch13_with_notes.pdf

Download: ConceptsofBiology-Ch14_with_notes.pdf

Download: ConceptsofBiology-Ch15_with_notes.pdf

Download: ConceptsofBiology-Ch19_with_notes.pdf

Download: ConceptsofBiology-Ch20_with_notes.pdf

Download: ConceptsofBiology-Ch21with_notes.pdf

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